Golf Balls vs. Snow Balls: Why Girls’ Golf Should be in the Fall 

by Megan Miller        When thinking of golf, warm weather and green grass would come to mind, but this is not the case for girls’ golf at EPHS. The girls on the golf team must bear through the chilling Estes Park winds and random snowstorms that haunt springtime. As well as that, playing in the spring is difficult on the players because the ground […]

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Importance of De-Stressing

By Bethan Denney              As I sat in my bedroom late last night cradling my mug of steaming hot chamomile tea staring at an unfinished math worksheet, overcome with that seasonal grogginess and sobriety due to the sun setting just before five, I found myself suddenly driven with intense motivation to do something, but unsure of just what that would be. An anxiousness in my […]

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‘No Beef Lifestyle’ Means Living Consciously

By Grace Yvonne Mechem      Human beings have the capacity to forgive and to grow. We were born into this world with good-natured feelings and the intent to be the best people we can possibly be. Over time our feelings and morals are compromised, and we are characterized by our experiences and pain.      Some would say that growing up and forgiving go hand in […]

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New Year…. New You?

 By Will Peters and Levi Carpman           The New Year is a time that many consider a “new beginning”. Many people try to improve their lives through the adoption of resolutions, like eating healthy or exercising. It always seems like those who make resolutions can never keep them beyond a week or month at most. Why is that? Top New Years Resolutions   1    Lose […]

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Me, Me, Me, and that One Guy in Your Suggested Friends

By Phoebe Dillon             It’s easy to get lost in your devices.  That loss of self can be found in games, news articles, eBooks, but most likely you lose track of the most time while on social media.         Starting its boom 13 years ago with MySpace, and transitioning to the current social tycoons of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., social media has introduced the world […]

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