Teacher Feature: The Scoop on Tracey Williams

[ezcol_3fifth] By Megan Miller The high school would like to welcome Tracey Williams as one of the newest members of our EPHS team. It is important that we get to know the new teachers of the school so we can get along and work well with them. We want to be able to make new teachers like Williams feel at home. Williams moved to Estes […]

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Empathize With Me

[ezcol_3fifth] by: Grace Mechem We have all experienced things in our lives that have elicited condolences from others. Whether it was falling and injuring ourselves, having someone close to us pass away, or going through a wicked break-up, we have all felt that ripping pain that you think will consume you. Now imagine you’re sitting on the floor of some room. It could be anywhere. […]

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There and Back Again: A look at Ethan Igel’s Year Abroad

By Bethan Denney and Bella Libby Not many adolescents would voluntarily abandon everything they know to embark on an adventure across the sea to further our education. Even less would do this in the middle of their high school career. However, Ethan Igel is a special case. He chose to leave his family, school and way of life to take advantage of another country’s opportunities. […]

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STAR TREK: The 50 Year Legacy

By Megan Miller  “Space, the final frontier…” These famous words started every episode of what would become one of the most recognized television series of all time.  Star Trek was first released on September 8th, 1966. It brought forth a concept of space travel, extraterrestrial characters, and futuristic technology that, in 1966, no one had ever heard of. It introduced pointy eared aliens and transportation […]

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Album Reviews: Hip-Hop’s Top-Ten Projects of the Year.

Hip-Hop is one of the most popular and profitable of all current music genres, one dense with characters and subcultures, and definitely one listened to by many types of students in Estes Park, as well as nation-wide. Hip-Hop had a good year in 2016 up to this point, with many notable projects being released for a variety of rap fans. Out of the 35+ albums […]

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