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Estes Park High Schools Track and Field season is on full swing with their first track meet this upcoming Saturday (March 16). Last years season ended with a bit of an upset with the head coach, Coach Soviak leaving.  The whole track was saddened to hear the news of his departure. This new season the track team has Alexander Harris, Trent Hillier, and Taylor Bodin. With their season starting in middle February and going until almost the end of school they have plenty of time to get fit and qualify for state. The coaches and the team are putting their best effort in trying to accomplish this goal. They are utilizing time this year focusing on pushing each person to improve in their own ways. They are even working during spring break to keep up with conditioning and improvement.

We interviewed Trent Hillier who works in the library of the school as well as helps coach our track team. He specifically enjoys running with them and working out with the whole team as well as the few girls and boys he coaches for middle distance. He believes the biggest part of coaching track is having a interpersonal relationship with all of his runners. He has experience coaching track since in college he was a GA for his track team, working with his head coach overseeing his methods and learning more about how to coach a track team. Although he didn’t compete as a runner in high school he still ran often for recreation. He’s very impressed with how the transfer from the old coaches to him and the new ones has gone so smooth, keeping organization well set up for practices. Although he says being a coach isn’t stressful he is struggling with time management this year figuring out the teams workouts as well as his own.

Today I interviewed Cole Wallace about Track and asked him a few questions. Cole Wallace runs in the 100 meter dash and he also does the 4×1.we talked about how long the meets last and he doesn’t like how long the meets last because it takes up his entire Saturday usually. He does track to condition for football and because he’s really fast at sprints. His goals this year in track are sub 12 in the 100 meter dash and possibly around 11 flat for the 100 meter dash. He’s done tack since 7th grade and has enjoyed it since then. He also really enjoys track and is considering to maybe do it in college as well. Cole very much enjoys running but not long distance, he prefers sprinting the shorter runs, where he can excel at being faster. He does wish that Estes Park would host meets here but because of the weather and elevation it is hard to plan them up here. He says track is also enjoyable because of his teammates and they make the experience more fun for him. Lastly Cole likes track as being more of an individual sport rather than a team sport because if he messes up its all his fault and the team does not usually suffer from the mistakes.

Getting insight from a track team member we talked to Charly Richmond. She is very excited to join the track team. Although she is disappointed that they were supposed to have a meet two weeks ago, but it got canceled three times. Charly runs in the one mile and two mile running events. Her goals this year are to get a sub 6:00 minute mile and to qualify for state. State is very important to the track team this year most of their goals are working towards that. Charly has been running pretty much her whole life and would like to run in college, but if she can’t run in college she will definitely run for fun in most of her life. She is disappointed to not have meets up here in estes since they train every day at their ‘home’ so she would love to perform in her own town where she spends hours training. Having more family and friends being able to come visit the team and watch them succeed.

The Estes Park Track team has always been one of the most popular sports in Estes Park. With more people joining it than cross country and football being a spring sport it always faces the complications of weather in Colorado. Track is a team sport as well as an individual. Working well with others is a quality that track teaches as well as pushing yourself individually and striving to do better and accomplish goals throughout the season. Being able to make it to state this year is just about everyone’s goal. If you enjoy being part of a team but using your own abilities the Track Team is perfect for you. Giving you a sense of team and family and expanding your own ambitions.

Daffney Harroff 2016, away meet.

May Tice and Cassidy Bojan

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