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Ever since we have been using non renewable resources, we have been dumping trash into landfills which are releasing environmentally toxic gases. What’s a good solution? Recycling! It’s a great way to cut back on the humans environmental footprint, but only if you make an effort to recycle. Everyday 230 million of tons trash about 4.6 pounds per person per day. As well recyclable waste is thrown into landfills and possibly our oceans. We need to help fix this issue.

Alexander Harris is a science teacher at the high school and his opinion is that the school is doing a good job in the classrooms, but the lunchroom waste is really out of control because of the constant changes with the separator. Mr. Harris uses the towns waste management to do some of his waste disposal but sometimes he goes to the waste station and gets rid of his waste and recyclables for free, and it’s cheap! Most kids recycle when they have the option in class to recycle but they don’t go out of their way to recycle outside of class. The education that kids have with the idea and how to recycle, they just don’t care. He thinks that recycling needs to be cheaper but if you go to the transfer station its already free.

Students aren’t educated enough and they think everything except food waste is recyclable. Younger kids should be rewarded and have incentive to recycle so they have a good chance at helping us conquer the trash epidemic. The school should have more options for the harder items to recycle. Mr. Harris would like to see the US doing what Australia and other countries are doing, they have 5 options for recyclables and its required by law to have that setup. We should give out refillable water bottles, get rid of the vending machine and put more of those refill stations in the school. We need switch to silverware instead of the plastic alternatives because the disposable is more wasteful instead of just washing and reusing the metal forks, spoons, and knives.

We interviewed Jenny Salinas, an 11th grader at the high school, we wanted to get an idea how she as a student feels about recycling. Jenny thinks we do a good job of being efficient on recycling because the teachers have been telling us to recycle. Teachers should tell the students what to recycle because most of it is thrown in the trash, that’s what we should do better about recycling. She recycles at her house because it will make a big impact the earth. She also has a good idea on what to recycle because of the teachers at our school that tell us what to recycle and what not to recycle.

Talking to the cafeteria people, we saw a different side of recycling in the school. Explaining that reusable silverware isn’t as good as it seems to be. The school is required to wash the silverware more than once and in different positions. The amount of water being wasted on washing the silverware is equivalent to the amount of plastic being used. In the cafeterias opinion if they and the students had more information given to us on recycling. The school would be more effective on recycling.

The 8th grade art teacher has her opinion as well. She wants more places to recycle not only in classrooms, but at the house too. More people might recycle at home if they get rewarded in other states. This generation is knowing more about recycling and 75% of her students recycle in school. She thinks we have to convince people to recycle more and to care for are planet because one day we we’ll end with it if we don’t take responsibility.

Many animals suffer and die as a result of the presence of these wastes in their environment. In some cases the plastic waste goes through the intestines of the animals without doing them too much damage. Other times they are lethal: garbage clogs the throat or the digestive tract causing death by starvation or malnutrition. The garbage can accumulate in the gut and cause the animals to have a false sensation of food. They stop eating and die slowly from hunger.

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These trash mountains are releasing environmental toxic gases into our breathable and and atmosphere.

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This is only one instance of the trash covered world we live in.

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When you recycle you get several advantages; With recycling, waste of raw materials and non-renewable resources is avoided, as well as saving energy, avoiding pollution. In conclusion, recycling is a very important practice for the conservation of the recycling environment, it can greatly improve the condition of our planet and have a better lifestyle. People who believe that it is not necessary to recycle I hope that it is not necessary to recycle, I hope that I think again, because everyone must contribute to the planet.

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