Post Europe Trip

On March the 24th until April 2nd forty people including shaparones went to Italy, Rome and Greece. It was a ten day trip, each day packed. The group left on March 24, where they had a flight from DIA to Munich Germany where they had a layer over and then departed from Munich to Rome. They then stayed in Rome, Italy for day and a half then they boarded a bus that went to Florence, Italy. From Florence the took a bus to a ferry which sailed across the Adriatic Sea. They docked at Ancora where they took a bus all through Greece.

Mr. Harris was one of the chaperones that attended the Europe trip that was ten days long. He said he enjoyed the food and there was a lot of carbs. His favorite food was a Greek feast in Athens, Greece because he was vegetarian for the trip and they had good vegetarian options. His favorite place of the entire trip was the Acropolis because of how old and ancient it is. Mr. Harris did not think that the language barrier was very hard because everything was so set up for the tour. He says that he thinks you could get by, by just saying hello and thank you in their language. Mr. Harris also said that the flights weren’t bad and he just watched movies and slept as much as he could. He bought some souvenirs but mostly presents for his sister because it was his sisters birthday while he was gone on the trip. He really enjoyed how busy the trip was because he got to see a lot more and in less time then it would’ve taken if he wasn’t on a tour with a guide. The jet lag there was a little bit easier to over come because they stayed busy once they got there but on the way back he was waking up at 3am because he wasn’t used to the time change yet. He also did not have much trouble packing and felt like his clothes were just starting to get gross on the last day of the trip. Mr. Harris thought that the trip lasted the perfect amount of time for the group but he wouldn’t have minded if the trip was longer. He also felt like it was more of a school trip just because he was taking attendance and with people from school. Lastly Mr. Harris really enjoyed the ferry ride. He said he had never been on an overnight ferry ride so it was a cool experience and that he also slept really good with the rocking of the boat.

One of the thirty six students who participated in the Europe trip was Alondra Erives. Alondra did enjoy the different foods she experienced, although was surprised by the fact in Greece they had bread as almost all the options. Her favorite part of the trip was traveling to a small town in the mountains. Alondra described it as a town like Estes Park with more to do and a very beautiful view. She enjoyed traveling through the alleys and exploring the small town. The language barrier was not a large problem for Alondra and her friends. Their tour guide helped them communicate with the local people where they traveled. When the tour guide wasn’t there to help she resorted to trying to point out what they needed or use hand gestures to communicate. Most of the shops they visited were jewelry and key chain type stores. She bought quite a few bracelet and small accessories for her friends and family that stayed in Colorado. Their schedule was very busy which she enjoyed although she wished towards the end that they could have more down time and time to relax. Since when they first got there they immediately started to walk around and start touring everything. She struggled with the plane flight there due to the length of the plane flight that many of them had never experienced. The flight back was a lot easier on them besides the time change. Her favorite thing to see was the Acropolis is Greece the high elevation and being able to see the whole city was very beautiful. She struggled with the weight limit on the luggage since many of them could have brought more outfits or bought more items.  She really enjoyed this school vacation and wished it would’ve lasted longer

Riley Hunt was another student who attended the Greece and Italy trip. Riley thought the food was really good but found that the food came in bigger portions then he is used to eating. Riley’s favorite part was staying in Athens, Greece for the time that they did because of the architecture of some of the buildings that they visited. Since there was a language barrier Riley said that it was a little stressful. The language barrier was stressful because it was hard to buy things and order food but he did find that learning basic words such as please, thank you, hello, and how are you seemed to make it easier. Riley said that the locals there were quite patient and willing to help with the language barriers. Riley didn’t mind the flights from countries inside of Europe but he did dislike the flights that went across the earth because they were long and he had trouble sleeping on them. On the trip, the schedule was packed full of site seeing and Riley did like how rapid they were seeing sites but towards the end of the trip he got a little frustrated with how packed their schedule was. He got frustrated because he wanted some down time where they could just take time off their feet and relax for a little bit. Riley did get a little bit jet lagged on the way to Italy and Greece and on the way back to America but he said that he got into the swing of things pretty quick and wasn’t really affected to much from the time zone change. Riley thinks that his favorite thing he saw were these giant churches in Italy which had extraordinary architecture and paintings. Riley has no trouble packing because he prepared everything he was taking a couple days before their trip. Riley was in a way ready to come home but he would of liked to stay a couple more days or even weeks. He was ready to come home so he could have his own bedrooms and to see his family. Since the trip was through the school some people thought it was more of a school trip but Riley thought it was more of a vacation with fellow peers.

The Europe Trip was an amazing experience for the teachers students and Estes Park. Living in such a small town seeing the world and experiencing other cultures is something that doesn’t happen often or even at all. Expanding people’s minds and education. These experiences are going to go with each student and adult for the rest of their lives being a trip no one will forget

As pictured above from left to right are the shaparones that attended the trip Mr. Lloyd, Mr. Vasily, Mrs. Schmidt, Mr, Harris, Mrs, Macnamara, Mrs, Bohenick, Mr, Virdin, Mr, Rich

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