EPHS Boys Basketball 2018-19

The young 2018-2019 Estes Park Boy’s Basketball team has been playing since November 28 (their first game of their season) with the new head coach being principal, Chuck Scott. The team is working to overcome many obstacles, as they are a heavily sophomore and freshman-based team. The players and coaches are working hard each day to become the very best they can possibly be. They are all working towards a common goal of being a state championship team in the coming years. Playing  with Chuck Scott’s slogan of “100% effort 100% of the time.” The team takes this slogan to practice and they take that mentality with them everywhere they go.

So far the Estes Park Basketball team has been performing well in their games. The student athletes on the team have been giving it their all this season to win. With a record of 4-7 as an inexperienced team they have been fighting to win, in the 2nd half of games losing by only about five points which has occurred in four losses. As an undersized and mostly young team going against juniors and seniors they are doing great as a team. The team has been working very hard to fix their issues in practice by doing various drills and conditioning. Working many fundamentals like passing to prevent steals and communication skills.

The team is really making an effort to get better. Also the team is trying to tie in the mental aspect of fighting through when you are tired and telling yourself to keep going. To go out and win more games on the downhill slide of the rest of the season. For the rest of the season the team will be working extremely hard to accomplish what they can. By pushing themselves through the rest of their basketball season. Working on many essential fundamentals passing shooting etc. Also learning how to better handle themselves in game situations reading plays and executing properly. Having said that the team really wants to win so that is why they are putting in effort to get better as the season comes to its end. Where you really progress is in the offseason and a lot of us don’t work as much during the summer because it’s our vacation but the offseason is a great way we as a basketball team can improve overall pushing ourselves not only during the basketball season but during the offseason. Where you can practice your fundamentals and become an even better player overall. As for next season hopefully we will come back stronger and better than ever.

As players of the Estes Park Basketball Team they really “feels like there is an inconsistency, which is a big problem in our sports teams here in Estes, because a lot of times we have to learn a new offense and defensive scheme because of a new coach or a new change”, Ethan states. Which is hard to adapt to but they do the best they can. Another thing with being student athletes “is that it can get a little hard for a lot of players to manage school and sports, this is something that could contribute to the basketball team as a whole having them feel stressed or tired from staying up doing homework late in the night”, says Ethan. The team as a whole has six seniors one junior and the rest are freshmen and sophomores, so they also believe they are a young team but it could definitely become a great team with these players and the future payers. Which as for this season are hoping to improve dramatically and go get more wins for the Estes Park basketball team and school.

There are high hopes going into the future seasons for the Estes Park Bobcats Basketball Team from fans, students, players and coaches alike. When we look at all our banners in the gym what do we see? We see every team sport that has won a state championship. We see a blank spot on the wall where we are missing a boys basketball championship banner. Ethan Hill said “We plan to put in the work and effort to become better day by day.” The basketball players are on the track to win state championships if they work hard and in the next couple of years put out as much effort as they can. Come Head coach Chuck Scott said “We as a team need to get in the weight room in order to compete with the older and more experienced rival teams.” As such a young team the boys will have more experience in the coming years and wins will come as they grow as a team and can compete more aggressively. In conclusion we as a school should go out and show support for the basketball ball team each and every home game. Higher fan attendance may result in a motivated team.

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