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    A new season, a new sport. Spring baseball team at Estes Park High School have been playing phenomenally with an amazing record of 8-2. Right now in the season the team is on track to make it to the state playoffs. Head coach, Jeff Collins, and the players of the team have a very tight bond. All the players are having a blast, as well as the coaching staff. The tables have turned, the Estes Park baseball team has been mercy ruled in the past but now they are dishing out the mercy rules to their opponents. A mercy rule is when you are 15 points ahead of the opposing team. The Estes Park baseball team is crushing their ‘losing’ reputation.

    We interviewed a few of the players and the coach, here is what they had to say about the teams recent success and struggles. Tucker Johnson believes the team is doing well so far this season only ten games into the season with a record of 8-2. Tucker believes that some of the team’s strengths and weaknesses include experience but some of the kids coming up have been playing baseball since the third grade. Some of the team’s weaknesses include having five freshman on varsity so a lack of varsity talent can be a weakness. Tucker likes the fact that with having a new coach you are able to learn new things from that coach learn different types of playing styles and new inputs from the coach. Tucker handles school and sports by thinking ahead when they were making schedules last year he knows he’s pretty active during the spring time so he tries to find some easier electives possibly for that baseball season. Tucker’s goals for this season is really just have fun for his last season at Estes Park High School and help the younger guys transition into a tougher type of baseball. Tucker said that they are supposed to play about 23 games this season but a lot of the games get postponed or canceled so if they have to get their league games in they may have to cancel a few games. Tucker so far this year has played multiple positions and thinks that the team can improve on batting and a little on fielding but they overall are doing a good job.

    The baseball teams new head coach, Mr. Collins says that he is proud of the team as they  have been working very hard. Coach Collins is very pleased with his team saying “Right now we are making the plays we need to make to win”. Mr. Collins  says that the team being able to get the basic outs and do their jobs helps the pitchers out a lot reducing the amount of pitches that they through per inning. Coach Collins says he has nothing to complain about aside from the weather restricting the teams outdoor practices. He said “I think we’re at five or six days of practice outside.” Coach Collins says that the team has also struggled with losing a few kids over the first few weeks of the season. Collins later goes on to say he attributes a lot of the team’s success to the team’s ability to execute the simple things  like hitting the ball and being able to field the ball as well. When asked about the team’s conditioning coach Collins expressed his dislike for running his players as he said “we are not cross country runners”. Coach Collins said that he feels like baseball requires different demands than other sports. He went on about how he thinks that at this point in the season it’s more about keeping his players healthy, he said he would rather have players that are Healthy and out of shape than players in shape and banged up. Coach Collins takes pride in the fact that he hasn’t had a single player miss practices or games due to poor health such as things like hurt arms or injured olegs.  As for the future Mr. Collins is unsure of what will become of the Estes Park High Schools baseball team but is sure that the team is moving in the right direction.

    Tre Swandland had a rough season last year due to complications with his shoulder. This year he is back in action but still has slight issues with his shoulder. Tre said “my arm hurts but I don’t mind because I love playing the game of baseball.” Tre has always been a strong link in the Estes Park baseball chain. Tre has a batting average of .565 and a fielding percentage of .875. Tre has also stolen 8 bases. Tre has above average stats. Tre also said “I enjoy having Coach Collins as head coach because he knows his stuff.” The 2019 season started off with eighteen players and is now down fifteen players due to ineligibility. Tre is one of the fifteen players that likes Coach Collins and loves learning new things from him. We asked Tre how the season is going and he replied “our record says it all, we’ve been doing great even with young players.” Tre is hopeful that the team will do well in the upcoming league games and even more so if they make it to the playoffs. The Estes Park baseball team hasn’t gone to playoffs for as long as anybody can remember. Tre added “I tell coach that I don’t where I play, I just want to play and do what’s best for the team no matter what.” Tre’s mindset is similar to his fellow baseball players, most agree that they love the sport of baseball and don’t mind where they play on the field. Tre is an overall great player that looks out for his peers.

The Estes Park High School baseball team has shattered the losing mindset of previous years and now they are doing great and winning games. The entire Estes Park High School should be excited for what is coming in terms of baseball. We will miss our experienced and talented seniors, however, the younger players have what it takes to keep the good reputation going.

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