Europe 2019

This spring break thirty six students not including staff are traveling to Europe for ten days. This is the first time Estes Park High School has done this trip. There are six adults going on the trip with thirty six students going. One adult for every six students. There have been many opportunities for fundraising so kids do have the resources and opportunity to go on this trip. The Italy trip should be a different experience since Estes Park High school has not done a trip to this scale before. The school is hoping that the participants enjoy the trip and that the trip ends up successful.

    Mr. Harris (a teacher) who has a large part in setting the whole trip up. He says the attendants will be out of the United States for a total of nine days. They will flying into Rome and then continuing on to Florence, Italy, by a bus. They then travel to the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Their next step on this travel is an overnight ferry to Matoria, Greece. After Matoria they will then be traveling by bus to Athens, Greece. As for sightseeing they will be doing mostly group tours which consists of a group of students and a couple teachers. Another way for sightseeing is a select amount of excursions. Along the way they will be traveling with a small group middle schoolers from Colorado Springs, because they need to fit the quota for the amount of people required on a tour bus. Mr. Harris believes this isn’t much of vacation for him because he is responsible for so many students. He enjoys trips like these through the school. Last year he took a school trip to Costa Rica and says that “it was more of a work trip than a personal vacation although I did enjoy my time there.”

    Chloe (a student that’s is going) is excited for the Italy trip because she is getting to leave Estes Park to explore and learn about other foreign countries that she has never been to. She did not need to do any fundraising for the trip because she worked very hard over the summer for this trip. She is very excited to travel because she loves to travel to new places. She also thinks it will be different traveling with her school since she normally travels with her family,  but is eager to travel with her friends. Chloe is not going to purchase many things in Europe which means she will not need to save room in her luggage. Although she might get one or two things to bring back but not many. In the interview Chloe says “I’m more of a taking pictures kind of person, not an object person.” An issue she isn’t looking forward to dealing with is to wake up early, making adjustments such as the time zones and outlets and also the schedules for showering.

   Mrs. McNamara is really excited to travel to Italy and Greece for ten days. She is curious of what it will be like to travel with kids from school and being with them for ten days almost non stop. Mrs. McNamara is concerned about the language barrier that may be in place since they are visiting a foreign country. She does like how she will be in the counselor position with knowing the kids more while also having fun and seeing new sites. She does not think this will be stressful for her and she does see it as a vacation for her. She is excited to be able to go and relax although she will not be on the same flight going to Europe with them. She was added to the group a little later so couldn’t get on the same plane. She will have to figure out on how to meet them but other than that she is not worried about the trip at all.

    This trip is a very great opportunity to travel with some school friends and to experience the foreign cultures of Europe in a new, fun way.  A portion of the attendees going on the Italy trip think that ten days is a lot but it will be a perfect amount of time to see everything and take a nice vacation away from Estes Park High School. The school is providing a safe way to travel and experience other cultures that most people never get the opportunity to go to. They are planning to continue this tradition of a school trip every year as long as enough people are interested and enough adults are willing to go.

This is a view from one of the sights in Italy

Athens, Greece

Matoria, Greece

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