A Season to Remember

By Sabrina Rittner and Alex Leija

     This year’s Estes Park High School Boys Basketball team has turned many heads with the wild success they have had, especially compared to previous seasons. The team, led by teacher and coach at EPHS, Dustin Morrow, has a current record of 10 wins and 6 losses. In the 3A patriot league the team has a record of 4 wins to 3 losses which puts them fifth out of eleven teams. 

     Many factors have gone into this dramatic change. One of those changes has been the drastic improvement of the team dynamic. Last year, the team had trouble communicating with each other and played the blame game, but this year their communication is much better.       “We started working together more. We play more as a unit instead of individual status.” said senior Mason Ginter 

     Playing with teammates can not only be a driving force in game play but it can make for a more positive season as well both in the record book and in the team’s growth.

     “Our focus has been on believing in each other, playing for each other and working hard for each other.” says Coach Morrow 

     The incoming freshman have also made a large impact on the team. Many know that some classes are better at some things than others. This year’s freshmen not only provide the team with a higher skill set, but they added more players to the roster. 

“It’s a really good freshman class with a lot of good kids in it. They love playing together” says Coach Morrow. Having a good team dynamic is a crucial aspect towards having a successful season. 

     “They really stepped in and added some pieces we needed,” said Coach Morrow 

     The biggest reason for their success however, is their attitude and commitment. Many players spent much of the offseason training and getting ready for the season.

     “We put more time and effort in the summer, went to more open gyms, and took it more seriously,” said sophomore Tre Swanland. This has been a huge factor in the success of a team.

     “We talk all the time about character and culture, and we told the kids all along that character and culture are gonna win more games than talent,” said Coach Morrow.

    Since the season has started the team has been very positive on and off the court and that has lead to a much better season. There are still areas for the boys to improve in, but coach Morrow isn’t worried.

     “The skills are going to improve if you believe in what we’re doing and if you put in the work and that has showed up in the win column.” said Morrow. 

     This has definitely been their season modo all year. The team is still working hard, but one thing is for sure. This has been a season to remember.

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