Top Things for Valentines Day

Phoebe Dillon
  1. Sunset Dinner

    This classic evening idea is perfect for people of all ages.  Whether you bring pizza, Thai, or pb&j’s a night out to watch a beautiful sunset in our wonderful town is an easy and pleasant way to show how much you care about your loved one.

       4. Nice Night Out

    While this may start out feeling like a cliche, and your standard date, eating out on Valentine’s can give your night the nice bump that it needs to be special. Dressing up makes the two of you feel extra special, and can help elevate the night from a normal date to a special occasion.

      3. Movie Date

    Even though this is your standard first date, movie night is great because you don’t have to feel any extra pressure. If you ever feel uncomfortable in crowded areas, or when dressed up, going to the movies is a great alternative because you can wear whatever is comfortable to you. Hanging out in the movies is also great because you and your significant other can sit, eat comfort food, and enjoy the nice break from your crazy day.

       4. Nice Night In

    A lot of people think this is a lazy option, but making a nice meal for one another, and cuddling on the couch is one of the best dates because you can truly feel at home (no pun intended).

       5. Bouquet of Flowers

    This option only works if you know what your partner’s favorite flowers are. Despite the obvious cliche in this declaration of Valentine’s day affection, everyone loves getting their favorite flowers from their favorite person. This also goes with every other option in the list, and as long as you don’t buy the automatic red roses (unless that’s her preference), it’ll start the night off with a wonderful bang.

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