Poetry out Loud

By: Hayden Filsinger & John Kim

      Poetry Out Loud is an academic  program that induces students to learn  about famous poetry by memorizing it,  

then reciting it.  

     Poetry out loud Benefits students’ public speaking skills, builds their self- confidence, and helps them learn about  literary masterpieces.  

      Poetry Out Loud likes to reward  students with outstanding poetic achievement. Winning the state championships gives  the victor $200 and a paid trip to the national finals, where the grand prize is a total of  $50,000.

     In 8th grade at Estes Park Middle School Sonja Greenway gave students their first  opportunity to memorize and then recite a poem from PoetryOutLoud.org.  

Students that enjoyed the experienced could continue to participate throughout their  high school careers.

     Since 2005, Poetry Out Loud has been practiced by over 3 million students and  50,000 teachers from 10,000 schools. It is truly amazing that students are showing  outstanding amounts of literary interest.

     A couple weeks ago, Dan Copeland reminded students that another round of Poetry  Out Loud was coming and anyone who wishes can enter the local competition for a  chance to win.  

      Poetry Out Loud is open to all students, and many take the chance to win. By  excelling at poetry, students can get scholarships and be recognized for their  achievements.

      This years local winner was Antonia Bernal, who recited “The Paradox” by Paul  

Laurence Dunbar who will be moving on to the next level of competition.  

     “I wanted to participate because I love poetry and I’ve never done something like this before.” It took Antonia about a week to memorize and perfect her poem. She will be moving on to the state competition on February 28, 2018.

     One of the best parts about Poetry out loud is that only students in 9-12 grade are  eligible, meaning that this is a child-based competition built to give students a fair  chance. To be even more fair, winners are no longer eligible after their first victory. You  can compete even if you are homeschooled! just contact your local school and talk to  them about it.   



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