Falcon Heavy Rocket’s Road to Space

            On February 6th, SpaceX launched its first Falcon Heavy Rocket in an iconic NASA Apollo launch platform located in Florida.

            Claimed and proven to be the most powerful rocket, the Falcon Heavy can carry up to 64 metric tons and costs only 90 million dollars to create, compared to the Delta lV Heavy, which costs 500 million dollars to build and launch.

            “I think SpaceX is doing some pretty good stuff,” said Ashton Long.

            The Falcon Heavy is an uncrewed heavy rocket made up of 3 reusable boosters. After detaching from the main shuttle, the boosters were programmed to return to a landing pad automatically. The first two boosters successfully made it back to their landing pads, but the third missed the drone-controlled boat landing pad and instead landed in the ocean, but it was just a very small malfunction in the system, and did not hinder the mission.

            “I think the rocket’s cool. I like how the ship is renewable,” said Jaden Kilbourn.

            The main shuttle had a Tesla Roadster, seated with a mannequin dressed in a space suit named “Starman.” The Tesla was released shortly after the launch and made it all the way to the Asteroid Belt orbit. Now Elon Musk’s cherry red Tesla Roadster orbits between Mars and Jupiter. 

            SpaceX will not stop with the launches anytime soon. The company is already planning to launch Falcon 9 and Dragon rockets by the end of the year. Falcon and Dragon are manned capsules designed to orbit the Moon, which will be another step towards SpaceX’s biggest mission, the Big Falcon Rocket, which will be the first manned rocket to land on Mars.

            This year’s Falcon Heavy rocket, the fourth highest capacity rocket ever built, will be devoted to payloads like large satellites. Even though the rocket was originally created to transport humans around the moon, on February 5th, it was decided that the rocket won’t be manned. The rocket is so powerful, it can carry up to 7,700 pounds all the way to Pluto.

            Although the present technology is not advanced enough for planetary travel to Mars, the successful launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy is a huge milestone towards creating powerful rockets to Mars. Cheap and efficient, the current most powerful rocket is already preparing for more test launches and actual launches in the future.


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