The Down-Low on Rod and Howard

By Bethan Denney and Grace Mechem [ezcol_1half] Every day each student and faculty member steps through the doors of Estes Park High School and has a different experience than everyone else. Each separate human goes through a separate day, attends different classes and meetings, feels different emotions, and observes different people and happenings. The differences of lives that surround us in such a small area […]

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EPHS GSA: What it Means for Our Futures

By Zoe Hester and Phoebe Dillon             High School has always been the time to begin the search for who you truly are. Whether that is finding your niche in the school, or realizing who you feel comfortable identifying as depends on every person.             This year, Estes Park High School has taken a step towards helping students find themselves, a GSA club.                        Founded […]

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Annika Throne: Dedicated Member of The Theater Community

By Scott H.C. Many think of the theater community as merely a group of people that like to do plays, but it goes much deeper than that. The community is a close knit group of people who all support and care about each other’s dreams. Sophomore Annika Throne is a member of this community.             Throne didn’t start off as an actor, it took a […]

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New Tea Club Boils it Way Into Estes Park High School.

 By Nathan Zurfluh [ezcol_3fifth]             Something new has taken Estes Park High School by storm, and it is as simple as drinking tea. A brand new tea club has arose at the High School. Tea club is simply a place for students to come every Thursday to drink tea, play chess, and talk about subjects that really mean something.             “The […]

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Meet Mr. T (The History Teacher, not the ‘A Team’ Guy)

            Estes Park High School has known many great teachers throughout its 103 long year history, ranging from apathetic substitutes to passionate educators. Among those passionate educators that have graced EPHS with their time and effort is arguably the most ardent teacher of them all, history teacher Bryan Thomas.            Bryan Kirk Thomas, whose aliases include “Mr. Thomas”, “Thomas”, “Mr. T”, “T” (yes, just the letter […]

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