Veteran Teachers of the School: Dan Copeland and Marsha Weaver

By Megan Miller EPHS was a different place with different students, classes and teachers long before the class of 2016 came to the high school. Two teachers, Marsha Weaver and Dan Copeland, have been here longer than any other teacher who are at the high school today. The veteran teachers have seen this school grow into the greatness that it is, so we must honor […]

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Our Band Goes To State

By Lexi Schrag Band making it to state is obviously a big deal at EPHS. This year the State competition was held in Grand Junction, which meant a long drive for Estes Park band members, six hours to be exact. Those who are in band, woke up at 5:30 AM the morning after arriving in Grand Junction. Once they arrived, the set up their instruments […]

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Marching to Victory

Estes Park High School Marching Band Wins First At State A six-hour bus ride to Grand Junction kicked off the band’s exciting weekend. “The bus was definitely the worst part,” said sophomore Abbie Housewright, “it was sweaty, cramped, and shaky.” The members tried to make the best of the time; Card games sprung up between rows of seats and snacks were exchanged and bartered as […]

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Estes Park Cross Country Team Makes it to State

Estes Park High School Cross Country Team placed in the top 20 during the last weeks CHSAA State Championship [ezcol_3fifth] EPHS XC has made it to State yet again, this time bigger and better. The championship this year was held in Colorado Springs at the Norris-Penrose event center, taking place October 29th. Each team of boys and girls, from 20 schools all over Colorado, competed […]

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High School BETTER Be Worth It

By Grace Mechem [ezcol_3fifth] If your teenage years go by smoothly, are you a real teenager? From the break ups to family problems to raging hormones, is there ever a time when you’re problem free?  I’m not saying that school drama is going to be the hardest part of your life, but high school can be a slap in the face. Are we adults or […]

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