Should Juniors Get Free Periods?

“Juniors should definitely get free periods. Junior year is the hardest year of high school and you really have to push it. Having a free period would help me manage all my homework and my extracurricular activities. Having a free period would also allow students to take more rigorous classes because they would have more time for homework and studying,” said Skylar Shumate, sophomore.

Estes Park High School does not allow Juniors to have a free period. Many Juniors take very hard AP classes on top of studying for ACTs and scholarships. Junior year is the hardest year high schoolers will have and having more time would be a blessing for most students.
“I have about 3-4 hours of homework each night, including weekends. I take two AP classes. All the homework restricts my time and causes me to get less sleep. I don’t think I get enough sleep or have enough time for friends and family,” said Regina Pierce, junior.
It’s unfair that students should not have enough time to relax and be with their families. Family and friends are a very important part of a persons life. These years in high school are not just about school learning lessons in academics but also learning lessons in life. With so much homework kids are unable to have that time to be free and live a little.
“It’s hard to handle sports and all my extracurricular activities. I have track practice and Major 13 practices a lot. With all these activities going on I don’t get much time for homework. I have to do my homework later at night when I am very tired. I know I could do better work if I had more time to do it,” said Kiera Wendell, sophomore.
“I wish there was more cooperation between students, teachers, coaches, and other extracurricular activity leaders. I always have a lot of homework and it becomes very hard to manage my time. Having a free period would be nice to help me get some of my work done,” said Shumate.
“I think a free period sounds great in theory, but I can see how some students would abuse it,” said Wendell. “I think students should be awarded free periods based upon their GPA and their work ethic. If a student is really good in school and wants the free period to help them handle their workload (especially if they are taking very rigorous classes) then they should be allowed to have that time.”
“I know some kids would abuse having a free period, but the majority of students would not. Having or not having free periods should not be dependent on a few special cases, I don’t think that’s fair,” said Shumate.
“I personally don’t have a problem with credits and I will be graduating with more than enough, so having an hour where I don’t get credit is not a problem. This allows me to take more AP classes, which I need more time for,” said Shumate.
Many strong students are in desperate want of a free period. Estes Park High School needs to recognize this and do something about it. Free periods could be given to students with a certain GPA or if at least three teachers can vouch for their behavior. The extra time could only be beneficial to students for a plethora of reasons. Free periods would give students more time for  work and time to make it their best work and fully understand the material. It would also allow students to have more time with family and friends and participating in extracurricular activities that help make them into outstanding young adults.

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