Title IX: Hurting or Helping?

Title IX was signed on June 23, 1972 and is a law that prohibits the discrimination of gender in education and after-school activities like sports. Before this law was passed, women who wanted a professional degree may have been rejected by the university. After the passing of Title IX, there was an enormous impact on the world of education and sports.  Title IX has helped […]

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Black: Just a Color, or a Whole Stereotype?

What is racism? Is it the purposeful discrimination of someone merely based on the color of their skin? Is it the assumption of stereotypes society has placed on certain ethnic groups due to media trends? Or is it really just a thing of the past? Thanks to recent events across the country, the question of whether or not racism still exists in this country has […]

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The Thescon Conference: Energetic Acting, Intense Stage Fighting, Genuine Fun

A group of avid high school actors, selected for their participation in plays and acting in general, got the opportunity to attend a very exciting event. Thousands of young actors from many high schools all throughout Colorado flocked to the city of Denver where activities and fun commenced. The event lasted several days and was quite in-depth. This grand rendezvous of amateur actors is known […]

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Sony Entertainment’s ‘The Interview’: The Struggle Between Hacking and Terrorism

During the final months of 2014, Sony set out to release their movie “The Interview” starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. Though many were excited to watch the controversial satire, the movie didn’t sit well with many people, mainly North Koreans. “The Interview” focuses around assassinating the supreme ruler Kim Jong-un of North Korea. Jung-un retaliated by threatening to hack into emails, release pirated movies […]

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Ladycats Basketball: It’s Been a Rough Season

The Estes Park Ladycats have had a rough start to the season but hope to end the season with a few more wins in their record.   Overall, the Ladycats have  struggled with turnovers, missed shots and fouls. “It’s been pretty rough, but I think that we can turn it around,” said senior Melody Tovar. And they will do just that according to sophomore Anna […]

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