New Kids

DSC_0249 Senior Trévon Watkins, having just moved from Florida, isn’t too excited about the weather.

“I moved here from Florida because my mom wanted a new experience.  I don’t like anything about Estes because it’s cold, but there are cool people here,” said senior Trévon Watkins

Estes Park is a pretty small town, and therefore has a small high school with a low crime and drug rate, but if you go to a bigger town these things increase. So it’s not surprising to hear that high schools in Florida have a high crime and drug rate.

“My other school was ghetto, because there was a lot of  fighting and drugs there,” said senior Trévon Watkins.

EPHS welcomes well rounded athletes, and that is exactly what Trévon Watkins is.  At his other school he played almost every sport offered!

“I used to play basketball, run track, football, wrestling and baseball once, and I’m gonna do basketball and track,” said Watkins.

Not many of the Estes Park residents would consider the town to be full of opportunities, but some people from out of town might. Junior Brogan Baker and his family moved here just for that.

“I moved from Oklahoma for better opportunities,” said Baker.

It is common knowledge that EPHS is a small school, which has its perks and its downfalls; it’s the same with a large high school.

“My other school was a big 5 A school, and about a thousand people went there,” said Baker.

EPHS has a lot to offer, including our sports programs, which is what Brogan was excited about, along with the beauty that comes with the mountains.

“I like that the high school here has a wrestling program,” said Brogan “Estes is beautiful,”

Next year Brogan has big plans for his sports life.

“I do wresting and I plan to do football next year,” said Baker.

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  1. Brogan baker says:

    I thought this was for the yearbook pics…? And for those of you who don’t know I’m a wrestler and mma fighter which is what I do year round. So if you want me to try out for football I’m sorry but I don’t have time for it. Thanks!

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