Madden 25 Review

The game Madden 25 is a game of intense football action.  Culminating all Maddens from the past 25 editions, this year’s edition is truly the greatest version I’ve played thus far.  With new and updated graphics, this year’s version truly feels like a real NFL broadcast that one would watch on TV.  I thoroughly enjoy playing it.

            Madden 25 allows the player to use a team named the All-25 which is a culmination of the greatest players within the last 25 years of Madden.  Players such as John Elway and Jerry Rice make appearances as well as players of today such as Andrew Luck.  Another vast improvement I’ve noticed is the weather in stadiums.  In the past, snow has appeared as little blocks instead of actual snow.  In Madden 25, snow and rain actually look like they do in real life.  To other players, this may have mot been a problem.  Personally, I’d rather play in snow that actually appears as snow rather than little blocks falling from the sky.  One final upgrade I took note of was the pregame festivities.  Teams will run on the field and warm up like you would normally see on a broadcast.

            All in all, I’d recommend Madden 25 for anyone who’s looking for a quality Madden game and hasn’t purchased one lately.  I haven’t seen anything in the game so far that would change that.  I don’t know where EA Sports will go from here with the franchise, but for now, Madden 25 will provide hours of entertainment for generations to come.

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