Madden 25 Review

The game Madden 25 is a game of intense football action.  Culminating all Maddens from the past 25 editions, this year’s edition is truly the greatest version I’ve played thus far.  With new and updated graphics, this year’s version truly feels like a real NFL broadcast that one would watch on TV.  I thoroughly enjoy playing it.             Madden 25 allows the player to use […]

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Food for Thought

There are two kinds of realizations that most people can have. One everybody knows of is the one that comes out of nowhere and slaps the you right across the face, or comes on like a light bulb over the head. The other is kind of tricky, and not everybody gets one. This one is slow and steady, kind of like a tortoise walking. They […]

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New Kids

Senior Trévon Watkins, having just moved from Florida, isn’t too excited about the weather. “I moved here from Florida because my mom wanted a new experience.  I don’t like anything about Estes because it’s cold, but there are cool people here,” said senior Trévon Watkins Estes Park is a pretty small town, and therefore has a small high school with a low crime and drug […]

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Anchorman 2 Movie Review

In the movie Anchorman 2: The legend continues, Will Ferrell plays 70’s anchorman Ron Burgundy. He reunites with his news crew and has the opportunity to be on a new trend called World Wide News. The movie, being very funny and at some points kind of inappropriate, it was a successful hit! The story is about Ron Burgundy, a famous anchorman who got fired from […]

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Super Bowl 48 Preview

The Super Bowl. The showcase game in all of American football; the winning team receives the most prestigious award in the sport. The most sought after award in the game today is the Vince Lombardi trophy. Every team’s goal, every team’s dream, every player’s dream is getting to the Super Bowl and hoisting up the Lombardi trophy when all is said and done. Two teams […]

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